There are many reasons to own a firearm. Whether to protect yourself and your property, for sport or even to collect, research is key. Safety features available are usually a primary factor, especially when there are kids in the household.


Glock pistols are a popular choice due to their simplicity, reliability, safety and price. With three safety systems built in, Glocks are known for smooth and steady shooting. Further, their design inspires extra peace of mind by preventing shots from being fired if the gun is ever dropped.  And now, we are proud to announce another reason to choose Glock: the TRCKMAG GPS magazine.


TRCKMAG (pronounced “Track Mag”) is a brand-new tool designed for Glock. It gives Glock owners an extra layer of basic gun safety by sending alerts when the gun is moved.

Identical to a “real” Glock magazine, TRCKMAG sends accurate, up-to-date information about the location of your firearm. With TRCKMAG, the smallest movement causes a motion sensor to send a real-time alert to your smartphone. What’s more, the TRCKMAG battery lasts up to six months per charge, and the app can track an unlimited amount of guns!

The TRCKMAG magazine is a replica of the Glock 17 (17 round double stack) magazine. The same magazine will also fit all Glock .40 caliber double stack models) 

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