Family Gun Safety

Gun Safety for the Entire Family

Firearms often attract kids whose curiosity gets the better of them. Younger children may mistake a loaded firearm for a toy, and older kids may be drawn by the danger and excitement they see in the movies. And as the number of homes with at least one registered weapon grows every year, so have the number of accidental shootings by children.

Owning a gun in a home with children clearly increases the stakes when it comes to safety. Each year, hundreds of kids in the U.S. alone have accidents that involve unsecured guns. Tragically, most of these accidents happen inside the home, whether that of a friend or family member, or even a misplaced weapon in your own home.

Education for everyone in the home is a necessary to prevent these accidents from ever happening. Taking steps to ensure that your child knows the 4 Basic Rules of Firearm Safety, whether a firearm is in your home or not, can save lives. Most gun accidents involving children occur when adults aren’t around, so it is important to teach kids what to do if they ever come across a firearm.

TRCKMAG provides extra security when your gun isn’t with you.

Knowing your gun’s location can prevent any use of your weapons by children or other people who do not have permission. Securely knowing your gun’s location can help prevent it from being stolen or otherwise involved in a case of injury or loss of life.

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