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  1. What does the physical product look like compared to the standard Glock magazine?
    At a glance, it looks identical to a real Glock magazine. The TRCKMAG magazine is a replica of the Glock 17 (17 round double stack) magazine. The same magazine will also fit all Glock .40 caliber double stack models). TRCKMAG cannot hold ammo, it is just an outer shell designed to look like a real magazine.

  2. What is Geofencing and how does it work?
    Geofencing is an invisible barrier that our software creates around a location of your choice. If the TRCKMAG wakes up and is outside this barrier, our portal will send an alert.

  3. If I am carrying my gun with TRCKMAG inserted how many times is it going to give me a motion alert.
    The motion sensor resets every 5 minutes

  4. How easy is it to remove from my gun?
    TRCKMAG is functionally equivalent to a real Glock Magazine, so it is as easy as removing a magazine from the gun.

  5. How long to charge?
    About 2 hours

  6. How often does it need charging?
    The device battery lasts about 6 months

  7. Will it work without cell service?
    No. The device relies on cell data to transmit information.

  8. What cell service is this used with?
    Verizon, but we handle all the data charges. You do not need to activate TRCKMAG with Verizon. You will not receive a separate bill from Verizon. This does not interfere with your current cell phone service

  9. Can it track in my safe?
    No. RF devices do not perform well inside metal enclosures. Our app allows you to enable “In Safe” mode so that the app doesn’t send you false location alerts while the device is in the safe.

  10. How sensitive is the motion sensor?
    The slightest movement will trigger the motion sensor, so the moment someone grabs the gun while TRCKMAG is inserted, the motion sensor will trigger our app to send an alert.

  11. How long before I get notified?
    A report cycle takes between 5 and 30 seconds, depending on cell service quality.

  12. How many rounds does it hold?
    Zero. TRCKMAG is not a functional magazine, so it cannot hold any rounds. Regardless, always follow all safety practices when handling firearms.

  13. Can I still fire my gun with this?
    Yes, you may still load one round in the chamber of the firearm. Please follow all safety practices when handling firearms.

  14. Does this disarm the weapon?
    No, the firearm is still capable of shooting one live round in the chamber. Please follow all safety practices when handling firearms.

  15. Is there a warranty?
    1 year against manufacturer defects.

  16. Returns? 
    Returns: yes, 30-day window. Return shipping: paid by customer
    Product must be like new, not damaged.

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