Glock Safety in the Palm of Your Hand

The TRCKMAG app is your device’s control panel. An easy to use 6-step process is all that is needed to set up your account, register your Glock(s), create geofences, access history, and so much more. 


Step 1: Scan for Setup

The setup wizard is easily accessed by scanning our barcode and downloading your TRCKMAG app. Activation is a snap.

Step 2: Create Your Account

Enter your full name, email address and password. Use a strong password that is at least 8-XX characters, includes an upper-case letter and a symbol. It’s advisable to create a password unique to your app (do not re-use passwords), and does not involve personal information that is easy to guess. Once your username and password are set, log in to the app to create and customize your account.

Step 3: Setup Your Gun

The next screen in the wizard is where you add your TRCKMAG serial number. You can either scan the barcode or manually enter the serial number. Once you are registered with your account, you can access the “settings” menu to customize your TRCKMAG. This is also where you can toggle your “in safe activation,” for reduced battery usage when your Glock is secured in your safe. Motion sensors are also easily switch on or off to eliminate the need for alerts when your weapon is with you.

Step 4: Add Your Profile

This area of your app allows you to enable or disable text and email alerts. Editing your profile is easy, and allows you to update the email and cell phone number associated with your TRCKMAG alerts. This screen will also give access to change your password, for optimum security on your terms.

Step 5: Set Geofences

Geofences allow you to set “safe zones” that turn off alerts when your TRCKMAG is within that designated zone. Ideal for use at the range, when in the home with authorized users, while on vacation, and any other situation when your Glock is being closely monitored. You can set an unlimited number of geofences, assign each a meaningful name that makes sense to you, and edit or delete your geofences at the touch of a button.

Step 6: My Safes

All GPS-based location services are compromised when within a safe or other metal enclosure. Due to the nature of satellite and cellular accessibility, location services are less effective in these circumstances. Setting up your safe is an easy way to identify its location and communicate to your TRCKMAG that your Glock is securely stored. Location service makes it easy to identify and assign the location of your safe. 

If you have any doubts about setup, the help section allows you to connect with experts who can walk you through the process. The Help section also provides terms & conditions, as well as privacy policies.


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TRCKMAG Safety Policies

The Radio Frequency (RF) technology relies on signal strength for reliable functioning. Depending on your TRCKMAG’s environment, you may notice reduced alerts (See Step 6). Regardless of your TRCKMAG location, your device will report every 12 hours if no motion is detected and every 5 minutes if your device is in motion. You can force your TRCKMAG to “wake up” by connecting your device to its power source.

Your Menu

The three horizontal lines on the top left of your application give you access to your TRCKMAG menu. From here, you can access your profile, view a map of your TRCKMAG locations, set safes, geofences, and access the help menu.

TRCKMAG gives you the power of knowing that your firearm is safe and accounted for, which is our primary purpose. Our tracking and monitoring system are easily customizable to account for situations where your TRCKMAG device is secure, and gives you the power to suppress alerts when your gun isn’t with you.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to decide if the TRCKMAG tool is right for you!

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